Liberty Coaching Class JEE 10th 2YrCourse.



Regular Classroom Program


This is the most popular and ideal course for students who understand the need of an early start to succeed in school and competitive exams.

The program extensively covers both IIT-JEE and school preparation; and teachers take great care to initiate the child with basic concepts in Physics, Chemistry and Math; thereafter smoothly transiting to a higher and complex level of problem solving, a must have for competing in IIT-JEE and exams alike.

The program equips the student with a very solid foundation of conceptual knowledge, analytical thinking, and logical development and problems solving skills; with the confidence to leave no stone unturned for success.

Course Structure

The Course is divided into Two Academic Session

Session - 1  

During the first academic session in class XI , the entire PCM syllabus of XI and in depth conceptual understanding for IIT-JEE is taught to the aspirants.
• The syllabus will be completed by end of January, and the students are given a break of 4-6 weeks to appear for their Class XI school exams.

Session - 2  

During the second academic session in class XII, the entire PCM syllabus of XII is completed with regular tests, topic discussions and doubt clearing classes, to induce greater focus on accuracy and speed in problem solving.
The Class XI competitive syllabus is simultaneously revised to keep the students updated for the entrance exam the following year.
• Tests and discussions are regularly held for practice and sharpening the student’s understanding and knowledge.

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Std. 11-12 | Module 1 to 6


Std. 11-12 | Module 1 to 6


Std. 11-12 | Module 1 to 6